Born and raised in the richness and beauty of the culturally diverse state of Louisiana, a creative outlook was honed at an early age. It is easy to recall; the swamp draped silhouettes, the garish and colorful Mardi Gras or even the rainbows of stain glass windows of the Catholic church. 

Getting Comic books on the weekend as a boy was one would end up igniting a passion for drawing in particular. It would come to frustrate him that he could not put pencil to paper and create these godlike superheroes he loved. His grandfather began with the stick figures and although it wasn't what he saw in the pages of Marvel it was just the building blocks his young mind needed.

It was in the public school system where Blake was immersed in art education. The great painters before him and sculptures left him wondering what would he leave behind and so began a lifelong journey to interpret the world through his talent.