Rendering older work.  

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Gotham city sirens

Poison ivy is the first of the three iconic women of DC. This project is about working with concept and pop culture. I'm hoping to bring in a level of realism whilst keeping the clasic mythos intact. 


Conceptual ?

Just playing with some narrative not sure where this will end up and that's the fun of it.  



The hustle is real. Where have I been lately? Just started managing partime downstairs with Minuti coffee @ the new midtown location ! It's the good stuff, amazing Italian coffee and espresso, not paid to say that. I love the people I work with, everyone's laid back and the shops relaxing and chill. 


Why back to a barista? I really have been fixated on getting a studio space on Main Street for my future projects. So convenient and the large workspace means I can accomplish a larger volume of painting.  

 Working on work at work :-) 

Working on work at work :-) 


Had lunch with Johnathan and this pigeon decided to fly up on the chair and pose for us. When you really look closely you can see that even though they are viewed as pest they can be very majestic. I think I will be painting this fellow next. 




Current project

My next painting and a part of the scales series, will be based on Damballa the sky creator God of the Vodou faith. 


Damballa is going to painted in acrylic on a large canvas. As with all my work lately you can expect plenty of color. (Lots of blues and purples) 

The 'scales series' will be a part five part collection show at this springs 9th annual Midtown Art in the park festival on April 11, 2015. 


I feel like life is retroactively grating on my nerves at the moment. As far as technology goes I'm stumped. Nothing is working so I had begun my morning sketch I couldn't stop. Rogue was all my mind could except, drawing her that is. 



Like many things in my life Houston is turning out to be another magical and remarkable journey . Following that inner voice has lead to me to many doors when it comes to the potential artistic "career" it's a matter of turning that nob that has concerned me. Art has always been a personal therapy but to have it displayed for the world and strangers to see, to sell it? It's still a frighting prospect but if I'm going to do it, this is defiantly the city to dive into.